The Bone Family

While this sweet, little baby C.J. gained his strength in the NICU, his loving mother (Gia), father (Cedric), and grandfather (Charles) brought a special warmth and hope to staff, volunteers and residents of the House as well as those across the street in the hospital during their 112 day stay.

New grandfather Charles was known for keeping things fun at the House as well as the Hospital. He took it upon himself to venture out into the community during the days to help collect donations for the Online Auction being organized by the staff over the summer. Charles was able to acquire gift certificates and items from the likes of Bi-Lo, AutoZone, and Mt. Vernon Restaurant where he worked for the original owner/operator as a young man in Chattanooga. In celebration of Gia’s birthday, Charles orchestrated a big meal and cook-out in the Courtyard of the House for all staff and volunteers. The family checked-out and returned to Atlanta on October 4th.

Now that C.J. is healthy and the family has returned to their home in Atlanta, Gia and Cedric are back at work full-time and Charles cares for little C.J. during the days.

The Bone family’s stay was a benefit to our House and community thanks to the warmth and personality of Charles, Gia and Cedric. Their story was featured during our 20th annual Telethon on News Channel 9 in early March.