The Brink Family

“It was shocking…almost like a really bad dream. The night before we went to the hospital… I cried of a stomachache,” said Lydia Brink.

Lydia Brink, an active teenager who enjoyed gymnastics and tennis, was spending the summer of her like any kid her age until one bad stomach ache and a hospital visit led to a heartbreaking discovery.  Lydia and her family received devastating news that she had cancer.  On June 22, 2009, Lydia was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of fourteen; her life and world were dramatically changed. 

The Brink family rushed Lydia by ambulance to the hospital from their home in Cleveland.  Following her diagnosis, Lydia and her mom, Linda, had to visit Chattanooga for several days at a time so Lydia could get the necessary radiation treatment she needed to battle her cancer. Lydia spent nearly 70 days in the hospital in the year after she received the news of her leukemia. The Brink family was grateful to have Chattanooga Ronald McDonald House available for them during Lydia’s doctor visits.

“Lydia has close access to a comfortable place to rest after undergoing her treatments--- and in the case of a possible emergency, we are across the street from the hospital,” said Linda Brink, Lydia’s mother.

Linda also shares that Ronald McDonald Family Room has been a great resource for her for quick breaks to do laundry and get snacks in between Lydia’s treatments.