The Pilcher Family

After a routine checkup appointment back in October, 29 weeks pregnant Keeli Pilcher found out she would soon be transferred to Erlanger Baroness Hospital for an emergency C-Section. However, Keeli and her husband Alex live in Rome, GA.

Fortunately for them, the Chattanooga Ronald McDonald House (RMH) right across the street provided a home away from home for their newborn, Asher, was being cared for by Erlanger hospital.

Baby Asher was born on October 23, 2021 at 29 weeks old and one pound, 14 ounces. Having stayed with us for over 100 days, Keeli and Alex have been able to watch Asher grow from one pound, to eight, all while receiving the provisions and shelter of the House.“At the very beginning, when they are tiny, you don’t really get to care for your baby, because you can’t,” says Keeli. Even though Keeli and Alex understood the difficulty of entrusting their baby with the nurses and doctors over themselves, they understood the value of the staff and the importance of connecting with them.


“Befriend the nursing staff,” says Keeli “If you really dig in and ask questions, they’ll tell you.”

Three weeks ago Asher aspirated and the nurses called the parents to inform them of what was happening. “We immediately ran over there and they updated us right then,” Keeli said. “Had I been staying two hours away it would have been a totally different experience.”

Because the Pilcher family has been able to stay at the House, they have been able to fully understand and feel supported by the mission and the people of the RMH.

“We have met a lot of amazing people here,” says Alex. “Being so close and walking distance to the hospital and talking to Michele who is awesome and very understanding, it’s definitely been a positive experience.”

Michele, Family Coordinator, ensures that every family feels supported, taken care of, and heard. Because of her efforts with not only the Pilcher family, but every family member that comes into the House, families are able to feel the change in being close to loved ones in the hospital.

“You don’t ever have to figure anything out,” says Keeli. “You come here and you just get to focus on the care of your child, that’s all you have to worry about.”

The Pilcher Family, complete with Baby Asher, were able to return home to Rome, GA recently. They were able to be close to their baby when he needed them most thanks to your support.