The Taylor Family

On July 15, Rachel and Michael Taylor checked in to the hospital after Rachel started showing signs of HELLP, which is where the body starts shutting down from preeclampsia. Within only four days of checking in, doctors were concerned for their baby girl. When test results revealed baby Isabella’s blood flow was being affected, a C-section was scheduled.

The Taylor Family Collage

Rachel, Michael and Izzy Taylor are from Ringgold, GA

Isabella Rose Taylor, “Izzy”, was born nine weeks early on July 19 weighing 3lbs and 3 oz. With the exhaustion and stress Rachel’s body took on within several days of having her baby girl, her recovery was going to take a little longer. It was then that Michael and Rachel started thinking of options.

They checked into the Chattanooga Ronald McDonald House on July 23 and both parents felt relief at being able to stay closer.

“I like it just because you know it is right here,” shared Michael, dad. “When I went away to Texas for a week, I knew that [Rachel] would be able to get [to the hospital], come back over to the House and would have food and everything provided for her. We don’t have to spend money to try and eat out and especially since I’m not always here and Rachel wasn’t able to drive when we first got here. It’s just right here, so that helps out a lot. It makes it easier.”

Rachel and Michael admitted that at first, they were nervous to leave the hospital but after only the first night of staying at the House, they realized how great it was to be right across the street.

“I just walk up the hill and it’s right there. It takes me maybe four minutes to get to her room.” – Rachel, mom

Providing the care and resources families need often creates some of the biggest sources of comfort for them. For the Taylor’s, it was the food provided, the ability to do laundry when they needed to and coming “home” to a comfortable bed with a TV in their room. It was simple things like this that allowed them to feel a sense of normal.

Izzy continues to grow stronger everyday with her parents by her side. In only a matter of weeks, she has continued learning how to eat and already weighs 4 lbs 4 oz! Thank you for helping support families and giving them an option to stay close to their sick child.